The 1988 husITa formation meeting developed the following assumptions.

  1. Enthusiasm for information technology applications will grow as awareness and familiarity with technology grows.
  2. There is a set of values and principles underlying human service technological developments.
  3. Human service technology must be under the control of the human service community.
  4. Those working with human service technology have important knowledge and ideas to offer both the general human service community and the information technology community, and both of these communities have much to offer us.  At present, the level of communication between these communities is inadequate.
  5. Human service technology cuts across cultural and national boundaries and those involved with its development and use have much in common and something to offer each other.
  6. It is desirable to strengthen and increase international, cross-cultural and multidisciplinary networks.
  7. The getting together of human service technology personnel from round the world has a synergistic effect.