Goals and objectives

husITa is a virtual community that exists through the activities of its members.  Thus, the goals and vision of husITa are to network, serve, enable, empower, and enthuse its members in their efforts to use IT to serve humanity.

A 1988 husITa formation meeting identified the following objectives of husITa.

  1. Facilitate international cooperation in human service technology.
  2. Collect and disseminate information on human service technology, including tackling the problems of language translation.
  3. Provide technical assistance in human service technology and encourage the involvement of countries with a less developed human service IT infrastructure.
  4. Stimulate international discussion on key human service technology issues and encourage position papers in areas such as security/privacy/confidentiality, curriculum content and teaching methods, and ethical issues in systems/software development and use.
  5. Encourage publications about human service information technology.
  6. Encourage international research efforts.
  7. Encourage standards for making human service technology culturally independent.