Board election process

Modified process for Election of Board Members   (Approved at the Nov, 2011 Board Meeting)

a.  In the Fall of each year, the Board will direct the Secretary to send a message to the HUSITA List describing the election process, and the number of seats open for nominations. The goal is to have subscribers to the HUSITA List nominate at least two candidates for each expiring term.  Since there are no term limits, expiring board members can be re-nominated.  Self-nominations are acceptable, both in terms of current Board members, and otherwise. Nominees can include, but are not limited to, members of the husITa listserv and may come from any walk of life that could advance our husITa mission.  Those nominated by others must agree to their nomination by their posting of a Statement as outline under part b (below).  Nominations will be open for 3 weeks with a reminder sent out by the Secretary after week two and one day before nominations close.

b.  Statements (maximum of 200 words) of all candidates who agree to being nominated will be be posted to the husITa web site by the Secretary within one week after nominations close.  Each statement on the ballot will indicate whether the candidate was nominated by someone on the husITa  List, or was self-nominated. Current board members seeking re-election will include their current term board project leadership and participation.

c.  An online survey tool, such as survey monkey, will be used to request the votes of all husITa listserv  members during the two week period following the posting of the ballot.  Members can cast as many votes as the number of vacancies (typically 5.)  The ballot will stress the need for husITa to have a diverse board in terms of geography, gender, ethnicity, and human service or other professional expertise that can strengthen our organization.

d.  The five highest vote-getters will constitute the recommended slate to be elected by the husITa Board at a meeting to be held before the end of the year.  The remaining nominees will be alternates in case there is a need to fill vacancies before the next election. The new board members will be announced to the husITa listserv before the end of the year.  The term of the new board members appointed by the Board will begin January 1 and run for 3 years.