husITa16 Programme

Time Title Presenters
Part of SWSD2016, COEX, Seoul, Korea.

Wednesday 29 June  2016 | Room No. E6 (3F)


8.30 Welcome
8.35 Inquiry-based learning about technologies in social work education. Udo Seelmeyer and Isabel Zorn (TH Koln, University of Technology, Germany).
8.47 Students’ perception: Utilizing Twitter in social work course. Becky Anthony and Jennifer Jewell (Salisbury University, USA).
8.59 Accounting for culture in social work distance education. Rebecca Stotzer and Jing Guo Myron B. (University of Hawaii, USA).
9.11 Toward a comprehensive technology assessment. Michael Berghoef, Janet Vizina-Roubal and Jessica Gladden (Ferris State University, USA).
9.23 Online learning: How a course for frontline managers became a virtual community of practice (VCoP). Michael Webster (University of Auckland, New Zealand).
9.35 e-teaching e-therapy: The challenges and necessity of teaching e-therapy skills in the virtual social work classroom. Michael Berghoef, Janet Vizina-Roubal and Jessica Gladden (Ferris State University, USA).
12.00 Big data analytics and predictive risk modelling in social work: Lessons from the reform of child protection services In Aotearoa New Zealand.  Philip Gillingham (University of Queensland, Australia).
12.12 Parenting methods and children’s evaluation of their experience in using the smartphone: The case of Hong Kong. Yu Cheung Wong  (The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong).
12.24 Designing and implementing smartphone application to provide treatment support for young drug abusers. Lap Wan Man (Hong Kong Playground Association, Macao SAR Government Social Work Bureau, Macao)
12.36 Angel or devil? School adjustment and usage pattern of smartphone apps of F.1 students in Hong Kong. Joanne Yuen Shan Lo (University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong).
12.48 The Vulnerable Children’s Information System: A case study of a policy and technological innovation in the New Zealand child protection system. Neil Ballantyne (The Open Polytechnic of New Zealand, New Zealand).
14.00 Staying in touch in the digital era: New social work practice. Jennifer Simpson (The Open University, United Kingdom).
14.12 Do technology-based support groups reduce care burden among dementia caregivers? A review. Eunyoung Lee (McGill University, Canada).
14.24 Gender differences of internet use among young people in Hong Kong: Implications for social work practice. Cherry Hau-Lin Tam (City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong); Wai Cheuk Choi and Eugene Chau (Hong Kong Children and Youth Services, Hong Kong).
14.36 To post, or not to post? Social workers’ perceptions on the use of a closed Facebook group as a participatory public space. Neil Ballantyne (Open Polytechnic of New Zealand, New Zealand); Liz Beddoe (University of Auckland, New Zealand); Simon Lowe (University of Waikato, New Zealand); Deb Stanfield Waikato Institute of Technology, New Zealand); Ian Hyslop and Nicole Renata (University of Auckland, New Zealand).
14.48 Social work practice with digital communication technologies: Ethical issues and policy responses. Allan Barsky (Florida Atlantic University, USA).
15.00 The influence of ethical climate on social workers’ customer orientation and the moderator effect of person-organization fit. Sangwon Jong (Seoul Cyber University, Korea).