Social work practice with digital communication technologies: Ethical issues and policy responses

Paper presented at #husITa16 in Seoul, Korea, 29 June 2016.


Allan Barsky (Florida Atlantic University, USA).


This presentation will provide participants with case examples to demonstrate how ethical issues may arise in in various aspects of social work practice (within individuals, families, groups, organizations, communities, and policy). Participants will receive examples of policies used by various social work education programs and agencies, as well as a framework for discussing and developing their own policies (State of Missouri, Office of the Secretary of State, 2013). A policy that works for one BSW/MSW program (or social work agency) may or may not fit well for another BSW/MSW program (or social work agency). Further, different contexts will require different levels of protections or risk management in relation to issues such as confidentiality, client safety, and boundary crossings. This presentation will simulate conversations that BSW/MSW programs and social work agencies may have when they are developing similar policies. Further, this framework for discussion could be used on BSW/MSW courses on policy or social work with organizations, teaching students how to develop and write policies in response to current social work practice issues.


[slideshare id=64176848&doc=iassw2016ethics-onlinetechnology-policieskoreabarsky-160719191325]


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