Implementing the Global Agenda: Use of the internet to facilitate information sharing, networking and collaboration.

Paper presented at #husITa14 in Melbourne, Australia, July 2014.


husITa14 Session

Dixon Sookraj (University of British Columbia, Canada).


The Global Agenda for Social Work and Social Development is a well-established document with widespread recognition across the world. Its implementation in promoting social work and social development is, however, less obvious. Directions provided by the Global Implementation Taskforce involve establishing “Observatories” in different regions to connect data and prepare reports, which can be made accessible through conference presentations, publications and web sites of the various associations and organizations involved. Lacking in this approach are opportunities for many practitioners, educators, and other stakeholders to engage actively in implementing the Global Agenda.

We will demonstrate a user-driven, web-based system aimed at supporting implementation of the Global Agenda by facilitating information exchange,  networking and collaboration, among educators, practitioners, and other individuals and groups  who share the vision of the Global Agenda within Canada.   The web site will accomplish the following:

  1. Enable users to add and update their information directly on the website. In addition to providing descriptions of their activities and projects, users will be able to upload documents, videos and audio files
  2. Create a searchable database on the website – one that enables viewers to find out who is doing what in relation to the Global Agenda
  3. Allow users to interact and share information about their activities
  4. Facilitate collaboration and coalition building in relation to the priorities of the Agenda

We believe this technology will also help site users identify innovative and successful initiatives that may be used to further education and practice in promoting social and economic equalities along with the other priorities of the Global Agenda.


[slideshare id=36932928&doc=fri2171430dixonsookraj-140713181802-phpapp02]


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