Reflective practice online: Exploring the ways social workers use social media for reflection.

Paper presented at #husITa14 in Melbourne, Australia, July 2014.


husITa14 Session

Helen Hickson (La Trobe University, Australia).


Social workers are increasingly using social media for networking, peer support, reflection, and fun. Social media presents exciting opportunities for social work practice; however, social workers and employers of social workers need to understand the challenges and conflicts that can occur. This study explored the experiences of social workers who used an online blog for reflection, describing different levels of engagement with reflection and the development of an online community of practice to support isolated social workers. This study is significant because although there are many studies that describe the experiences of students using a blog for reflection, the author has been unable to identify another study that focuses on the ways social workers engaged with a blog for reflection.


[slideshare id=36933045&doc=fri2171440helenhickson-140713182529-phpapp01]


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