Nominate and vote for five new members of the husITa board

Election of five new members to the Board of husITa

husITa are currently seeking five new members for the husITa board and we invite you to self nominate or nominate a person whose permission you have secured.

The person nominated must be, or become, a member of husITa mailing list.

Election process

Nominations can be made between 01 November16 and 28 November 2016. Five positions on the board are open. Self nominations are accepted and current board members can be re-nominated. The nominating committee of the board will ensure that two candidates are nominated for each open board position. A ballot of nominees will be disseminated to husITa mailing list members during the first week of December and voting will be open for two weeks. During the third week of December, a husITa board meeting will be held to discuss results.

The names of those elected will be posted to the husITa mailing list after the husITa board makes final decisions on terms. A list of the votes received by each of the candidates will be retained so that, if a position becomes vacant, the nominee with the next number of votes will be approached to assume the position until the end of the original term. The dates listed above are those currently planned and may be changed by the board due to extenuating circumstances.

If you are nominating anyone other than yourself, make sure those you nominate indicate that they agree to serve by sending an email within seven days following your nomination to the husITa Board Secretary, Ann Lavan ( with a cc to Dick Schoech (

Information on the person being nominated (approximately 200 words)

Complete information (below) and email to: cc

  • Name of Nominator (email of nominator)
  • Person nominated (email of person nominated_
  • Information on person being nominated

Include information such as experience, qualifications, reasons nominee would make a good husITa board member, nominee’s agenda for husITa, and how nominee will increase the diversity of the husITa Board along dimensions such as: geography, gender, ethnicity, profession, expertise. For current board members seeking re-election, a statement on their current term board project leadership and participation must be included.