2021 Best App Award

husITa is proud to announce the Best Human Service Application Awards. The purpose of this competition is to recognize outstanding software applications that support husITa’s mission– promoting the ethical and effective use of information technology to better serve humanity. 


This award recognizes outstanding software applications (app) that support husITa’s mission, i.e., promoting the ethical and effective use of information technology to better serve humanity. 

An app is any use of computer or mobile device hardware, software, and communications to address a human-service problem or a personal challenge. 

  • Any individual, group, or organization can submit a nomination for the award. Self-nominations are welcomed. 
  • All submissions are considered copyrighted with copyright owned by those submitting.  husITa requires permission only to publicize the recipients of the award, their contact information, and a brief description of their app along with a picture or video from the award winners and runners up.  
  • Up to 5 nominations can be submitted by an individual, group, or organization. 
  • The online submission form should contain no more than 1000 words, i.e., the rough equivalent of two single spaced pages. 
  • Review Criteria 
    • User value: (25%) Impact on users and benefit to humanity. 
    • Sustainability of the app: (25%) What steps have been taken to insure the app will continue to evolve as technology and human service solutions evolve? 
    • Effectiveness: (25%) Previous awards, expert testimony, effectiveness research, or feedback from users. 
    • Users: (20%) Number of potential end-users and number of current users. 
    • Support: (5%) List financial and donated resources along with their sources that are currently available and anticipated along with ideas about how the $1000 will be used to further the impact of the app. 

Award Timeline 

  • Announcement of the Award and solicitation of nominations. NOW. 
  • Deadline for nominations will be December 5 , 2021 
  • Reviews of the nominations and judging will be completed by December 10, 2021. 
  • Winners notified by December 15, 2021 with full announcement of the award by December 20, 2021. 

Please use the following link to submit your nomination